Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sickness sucks

I am finally beginning to get over this stupid cold I got right before I left for Indiana. I was getting a scratchy throat right before take off and then I was stuck in a plane for 4 hours with a whole bunch of other germy people. My trip to Indiana was brief but overall ok. I got to see my sisters and my friend Carrie which was great. I missed a few people while I was home that I intend to see in December.

Tonight I was up in the kitchen talking with Richard about a million things and it was heartwarming to realize the family and life I have here. I have this great boyfriend who I intend to marry if he'll have me. I have a great home to live in that is safe and beautiful and lets me enjoy Christopher and Richard as family. I have beautiful sisters who I love dearly. I have great friends who legitimately care about me so much. Overall, I have a great network of people and I am terribly lucky.

I was also thinking about Toys for Tots this year and Anthony and I are starting to think about what Christmas Traditions we want to instill in our relationship. We have decided that each year we are going to go out and buy one girl toy and one boy toy to give to toys for tots for the children who do NOT have things that we did or do have. I have also decided to take Christopher to do this and teach him that value this year.

Anthony and I are really enjoying our relationship and learning so much about each other. We have been together for 5 months and it has been so special. I love him and all the things he brings to my life. We are going to have such a beautiful life together. I can't wait to see where God takes us.

I am going to sign off for the night and try to write more often.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Christmas lights and cards

Well it is official, Erica's holiday season has just kicked into motion. I usually start around Thanksgiving getting excited about Christmas, travel plans, buying gifts, lights, cards, and sharing with family but this year ...I am early. I think that being truly happy in my life has caused this sudden move toward the holiday season. Don't get me wrong, I am also looking forward to Thanksgiving but we don't really "prepare" for that the way we do Christmas. Last night Anthony and I went to Target and picked out "our" Christmas cards, christmas lights, little Christmas tree, and I bought a gift and my new luggage for my trip home. I am getting truly excited.

We came back to my house and put up lights, put up the tree, and watched "The Santa Claus" which is one of our favorite holiday movies between the two of us. Granted, I love every Christmas movie but this is a favorite. Anthony put lights over my windows as well as on our very small tree. I have included pictures for all to enjoy. Sorry that they are hard to make out, it's not easy taking digital photos of lit up Christmas lights.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aren't they wonderful? :) Anyway, I thought I would just wish everyone a great Holiday season as I begin to celebrate Jesus' birth, family, friends, a great new life with Anthony, my awesome education, my great job, and my health! I am truly going to rejoice in this Christmas and in the New Year to come! Happy Holidays...starts now!