Wednesday, June 30, 2004

3 jobs and I'm not kidding

Hi everyone! Today has been a day of extreme happiness but also extreme stress onset. I had an interview at BabyStyle today and by the grace of God I was given the job on the spot. They were very impressed with my personality and although I have NO retail experience, I am so excited to start. I start the new job on Monday but that will be paired with the Library and I will be doing some nannying this summer with Chris. Overall, I will be terribly busy starting um NOW!

I am moving into my new house tomorrow and I am very excited to have some space of my own. I love my roomie for the summer (Lindsey) but I am excited to be out of a dorm room for good. Ideally, everyone loves when they make their transition from dorm room into house and/or apartment at first! I had a great day at work today and I got a nice note from a friend and I love notes from a "friend!" Hope everyone is doing wonderfully and thanks to those of you who were so kind to throw some prayers my way for the job. I appreciate it greatly! Please keep praying so that I learn to manage my time well and also for my move tomorrow. Take care everyone and come back soon!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The bed has arrived!

Hallelujah! Tonight Pam, Steve, and I moved my bed into the new house in Newport Beach! I was so excited to realize that in a few days that will be my bedroom. I also found out that Richard (my boss) would like me to work part time for the rest of the summer. Now ideally, that would be good news but I have this full time job at the library that I need very badly. I am a little nervous as to how I will be in two places at once. Has anyone seen the new Harry Potter movie? I need what Hermoine had in order to go to all of her classes. I desperately need a time portal!! Can anyone help me? I also have an interview tomorrow at 1:00 at BabyStyle. For those of you who don't know, that is a baby store that sells name brand items for baby! I think it might be the most ridiculous expenditure of money I have ever heard of but I have no problem working there for a good living. This is all good news except for how I am going to manage my time and be at three jobs each day. I got to spend a little time with Chris (kid I am nannying soon) tonight and he is precious. I think he is going to be a lot of fun to be around and totally someone I will enjoy investing in. I have had a really nice week. I got to see my new house up close and personal again, I am moving in a few short days, and got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite men on Earth yesterday! Ideally, life could not be better. Ok, it probably could but I am seriously so content in today, I have to just focus on that. I just took a personality test called the MMPI, for those of you who aren't psych majors, this is a great tool to assess your strongest personality features. Looking forward to seeing the results of that tomorrow in counseling! Thanks for reading today's post and I hope to hear from you all soon. I think this Blog thing is the best idea since I am going to get ready to go into seriously BUSY mode with 3 jobs. Have a great day everyone and I'm praying and loving you all!

Hello there

I am going to be using this as my new home on the web to keep everyone posted on what's happening in my life. Things are certainly moving quickly and changing every day. Please stop by every once in a while and I'll tell you all the exciting news of "EricaLand!"