Monday, March 30, 2009


I am at a place in my life I never thought I would be and it's amazing yet sad. I am graduating in 5 weeks with my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. I have had this blog since I graduated with my Bachelor's and I went through the whole process in this blog. It was hard to see College go as I wasn't quite sure of my purpose and started to work so much it took me down. I went through the process of studying for my GRE on here and applying to graduate schools. I went through getting accepted and through the years of painful exploration of myself and personal tragedy in the midst of a grueling school and work schedule.

God has been so good to me through this experience and now it's time to go through exit and graduation and feel accomplished. There are certainly seasons to life and this 3 years has brought many seasons. It was hard as I started to adjust and maintain my new relationship with Anthony at the time. I then went through personal tragedy in losing my nephew and step mom my 2nd year in grad school and then this year I got married and started trying to have a family. This has been a rollercoaster ride and to be honest, I am not sure what comes next. All I know is, in 5 weeks I will have achieved a dream and a goal and I am really proud of myself. I will keep everyone posted but have a lovely day and I will try to post throughout this time but be assured once that degree has posted, blogging will be more frequent.

Book of myself question # 3

This picture is Britt and Timmy! :) My dog nephew!

We had these pets or access to these animals growing up:


Chi -- Chi was my first cat offically. He was a white persian who I absolutely hated. He would sit on the back of the toliet while I went to potty and eat my hair. This was not a loving relationship.

Ebony -- We had this cat next and she was black and did not live very long. I really liked her but she got pneumonia and ended up dying quickly.

Tasha: Tasha was my cat from age 5 or so until I was 25 or so. She was a beautiful little calico. She lived a long time and was the best cat ever. I loved her dearly.


Samantha: She was a cocker spaniel that we got when Brittany was a baby and she didn't seem to live long either.

Bull: Bull was a German shepherd that was Brian's dog and he brought it over when his parents moved away. He was a fun dog but had a lot of energy. He lived quite a while

Bart: My favorite dog, we got him when I was in junior high I think and he was the most beautiful Australian Shepherd. He was so much fun and loved me more than any animal has and I loved him right back

After childhood:

When I worked for Richard, he had a cat named Mimi and I was there with her for 4 years and she died right before I left the job. She was a great cat too. A gray tabby!

Brittany's chihuachua is a joy. His name is Timmy and he is blonde like Britt and he is absolutely the best dog ever. He is a very happy and friendly dog.

Monday, March 02, 2009

The book of myself question # 2

As I have mentioned before in the blog, I have been working on a book I grabbed to kind of learn about myself. It was a little journal like book where you answer questions about yourself. Today I am answering question # 2 in the book which is...

SOME of my favorite games, toys, or ways to entertain myself were:

-- My tape recorder -- I had this tape recorder and I have no idea who gave it to me but it was my favorite thing in the world. I would pretend to be a radio dj and have music, jokes, guest appearances from my family members, etc... and it was such a great place for me to escape when I was little.

--My ATV-- My dad gave me an ATV that looked like a 4 wheeler and it was just my size. I named it Evil Kinevil because my initials were EK. I rode that thing constantly and all of my friends loved it too and had such good times on it.

--Atari -- Hilliary and I had an atari when we were little and we would play frogger, fast food, and space invaders. It was a blast!

-- Pogo Ball/Skip it stick -- These were my favorite "active toys" I liked to jump rope and the skip it stick was a stick with a jump rope attached that counted your jumps. The pogo ball is the Saturn looking thing on this post where you put a foot on each side and jumped your life away. I loved these things!

--Books-- These were my ultimate favorite things in the world and really this hasn't changed. I escaped my troubles with books of all kinds when I was growing up. Some of my favorite titles were Charlotte's Web, The Boxcar children, the Babysitters Club series, and several others.

Overall, these were my most important items growing up and the things that entertained me most. I liked this question as it made me really think what made my childhood bearable. I had a rough one but these things made it something I could get through!

I hope that someone takes the challenge and answers these questions for themselves as it makes you think!