Friday, July 27, 2012

Ranting about Ranting??!!!

Ok is it just me or are people getting really ugly on stating opinions? I am not just talking about the current chick-fil-a/Christian/Anti-gay debate but it certainly encourages some of this rant. It is impossible for me as a believer to back anything that is ugly and demonstrates hatred, anger, or meanness. That isn't because I am a "bleeding-heart liberal" or "ignorant" but because my relationship with Christ makes my heart hurt when I hurt others or treat others unfairly. It is called conviction of my spirit.

Just like my heart aches when I hurt Jesus in other ways like lying, being jealous, engaging in ungodly activities, etc...or....ahem...sin it hurts when I am ugly towards others that God created. I am not sitting here and saying don't stand behind what you believe. It is your right to believe whatever you would like and it is also your right with free speech to state what you believe in written or spoken word. I am speaking more to believers in Jesus Christ here than anyone but....I am quite certain that it is not your right to judge another by being hateful, ugly, or downright cruel to them. There are ways to state your beliefs without causing others to view Christ as someone who condemns them and not someone who loves them deeply and died for anything they might do or engage in that constitutes sin. It hurts me to see the ugliest being believers.

I will not sit here and rant on without saying that sometimes I am ugly. I won't ever let you believe that there are people I don't judge. I judge bad parents,...constantly. I judge ignorant people on a daily basis. I judge Christians that try to take God's place as judge and jury. I also feel deeply convicted about that and try to take this to God daily so that he can change my heart to one of compassion and understanding so that the person may have a chance to learn from me or feel that compassion and in turn feel the love of Jesus Christ.

I try very hard not be ugly and when I catch myself....I repent. I can't imagine saying some of the things that I have seen regarding the current Christian based chicken joint, politics, gay rights, current and past presidents, and the like. Some of things I have seen that have embarrassed me deeply are from "Christians." Please stop doing things in God's name that are just plain ugly and make you look foolish and cruel. It is in distinct opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would encourage you to choose today whom you will serve....your strong opinions and your need to spew them hatefully at people or Jesus Christ who wishes to see ALL come to know him and to be loved.

Sigh...I am sad today. My heart is heavy in all of this!

Ranted out,


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Jenafer Webb said...

You my dear, are an amazingly beautiful person. I will not sit here and deny my bias stance on your rant...but, I, like many others struggle with maintaining my frequent judgments on those that express hatred toward others on any level or due to any circumstance. I love your rants!!
Have a great weekend and happy ranting my friend.