Monday, February 03, 2014

No wonder it is 50%

Something has become very evident to me lately and a bit annoying and I started to think about it a little deeper last night in bed. In light of the recent issues with Gay Marriage/Equality debates, Coca Cola having the (insert sarcasm) audacity to act like any American speaks a different language, and bearded people who decide what God says about has become evident to me that people that I know hate differences. They hate anyone who doesn't speak their language, have their color of skin, believe in their religion, attend their church, or have sex and experience relationships like they do. This blog post is not a place to argue right or wrong, good or bad, sin or not...just a place for me to get some things off my chest. The people I have known for years and continue knowing are really big complainers. You can't please them! It is 100% okay to have an opinion about things. It really is! I have an opinion on almost everything. It is quite another to say harsh and ugly things in the name of an opinion. Even more so, to say things that you are uneducated about entirely and then state it as "gospel truth."

Last night it was the Coca Cola commercial that showcased an American classic song in different languages. Just a tidbit of information, there are people who are 100% American and who also are fluent in another language as their first language. Yes, it is currently the dominant language in America to speak English. However, that isn't always going to be the case because we are a land of opportunity and many people move here to experience a better life. What makes someone who is a Native to this country any better than a person who has immigrated here or even whose family immigrated here many years ago. Many people choose to continue speaking in their first language even though English is practiced more here. I do not understand what is wrong with that. In my opinion, (and it is one in a sea of many) as long as they can do their jobs effectively, I don't care what language they speak at their homes, in their churches, with their friends, etc.. That is an individual's choice and right.  It would not hurt all of us to become more aware of other culture's and stop being so stinking snobby about being an American. You just happened to be born doesn't mean you are better or your language is superior. I am saddened to see people I viewed as educated or at least mostly intelligent people say things like "They need to speak American" (not a language) and "That is not our country's origins" What History book have you been reading? We were not founded by a bunch of flannel wearing, banjo playing Hoosiers. I'm sure plenty of people would be happy to tell you the origins of America and that their tribe did not speak English. GEEZ!!!

Now, back to my point! I have noticed this inclination to complain about everything. People are always just belly-aching. I started to think in terms of my career and think "No wonder everyone is divorced!" In my house, there are already fundamental differences if you just look at the outside of Anthony and I. He is 100% Black. (No, he is not African American..he is black. His words) and I am a mix of White/Hebrew/American Indian. We start out pretty different. We also have differences all across the board. We were raised in different churches (same God, different churches). We were raised in different states (Indiana and California). We are completely different in height (over a foot of difference). We were raised in different socioeconomic backgrounds. We have all different hobbies and interests and some that are similar. Here is the point.We are different. You know what we connect on. We are human beings, flawed stupid human beings. We accept each other because we know we are essentially the same. The differences pale in comparison to this big similarity.

I think that we each need to start realizing that you are the same as everyone around you even though you are different. If you and the Spanish speaking person next to on the same day have your heart stop beating, guess are both dead. If you and your gay neighbor who is married to the same gender get hit by a car, you bleed the same color. It is okay to differ on opinions, beliefs, politics, hobbies, interests, tv shows preferences, educational preferences, etc... It is not okay to think that someone is beneath you because you are different. This is probably why the divorce rate is over 50% at any given time. It is also probably the reason there are so many broken relationships in families. It is not that hard to accept that people are different. Before you get all flustered, I did not say accept something that you believe to be sin. I did not say accept someone hurting someone you love. I did not say you have to learn someone else's language or even be in their world. I said...ACCEPT IT. That means, it does not need a Facebook post if someone sings a song in (gasp) some "UNAMERICAN" language. It means, we don't need to hear about it if you think God hates homosexuals. How would you feel to hear that someone believes God hates you??! I'm sure someone does. Not everything you think and feel is right. It is valid..but it doesn't mean it is right. Perhaps, you need to look a little past your own very American white nose and see that people around you aren't all the same and that is the reason why you can't get along with anyone.

Until we all accept that noone else is exactly like us....we are gonna just sit around being a bunch of bullies who just find pleasure in pointing out differences so others feel small. Congratulations that you speak English, are married to the opposite sex of your Anglo Saxon white brotherhood and never ever sin. For the rest of us, LAY OFF!


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Brooke Claffey said...

Thank you, I am applausing you. Very well written!