Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The bed has arrived!

Hallelujah! Tonight Pam, Steve, and I moved my bed into the new house in Newport Beach! I was so excited to realize that in a few days that will be my bedroom. I also found out that Richard (my boss) would like me to work part time for the rest of the summer. Now ideally, that would be good news but I have this full time job at the library that I need very badly. I am a little nervous as to how I will be in two places at once. Has anyone seen the new Harry Potter movie? I need what Hermoine had in order to go to all of her classes. I desperately need a time portal!! Can anyone help me? I also have an interview tomorrow at 1:00 at BabyStyle. For those of you who don't know, that is a baby store that sells name brand items for baby! I think it might be the most ridiculous expenditure of money I have ever heard of but I have no problem working there for a good living. This is all good news except for how I am going to manage my time and be at three jobs each day. I got to spend a little time with Chris (kid I am nannying soon) tonight and he is precious. I think he is going to be a lot of fun to be around and totally someone I will enjoy investing in. I have had a really nice week. I got to see my new house up close and personal again, I am moving in a few short days, and got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite men on Earth yesterday! Ideally, life could not be better. Ok, it probably could but I am seriously so content in today, I have to just focus on that. I just took a personality test called the MMPI, for those of you who aren't psych majors, this is a great tool to assess your strongest personality features. Looking forward to seeing the results of that tomorrow in counseling! Thanks for reading today's post and I hope to hear from you all soon. I think this Blog thing is the best idea since I am going to get ready to go into seriously BUSY mode with 3 jobs. Have a great day everyone and I'm praying and loving you all!

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