Wednesday, June 30, 2004

3 jobs and I'm not kidding

Hi everyone! Today has been a day of extreme happiness but also extreme stress onset. I had an interview at BabyStyle today and by the grace of God I was given the job on the spot. They were very impressed with my personality and although I have NO retail experience, I am so excited to start. I start the new job on Monday but that will be paired with the Library and I will be doing some nannying this summer with Chris. Overall, I will be terribly busy starting um NOW!

I am moving into my new house tomorrow and I am very excited to have some space of my own. I love my roomie for the summer (Lindsey) but I am excited to be out of a dorm room for good. Ideally, everyone loves when they make their transition from dorm room into house and/or apartment at first! I had a great day at work today and I got a nice note from a friend and I love notes from a "friend!" Hope everyone is doing wonderfully and thanks to those of you who were so kind to throw some prayers my way for the job. I appreciate it greatly! Please keep praying so that I learn to manage my time well and also for my move tomorrow. Take care everyone and come back soon!

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