Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm forgiven where I fell.

I am just thinking today of how great God's love is for me that he forgives me in the exact spot that I fell. Lately I have been really working through some issues in my life that I want God to help me resolve. Some of these are my mouth, my weight problem, my sensitivity level, and my complaining spirit. I want to develop an attitude of gratitude but so far I am just really trying to stop the grumbling. I am always so put out with my life even though I live in the richest county in the nation and have a lot of modern conveniences and always have everything I need for life. I am such a spoiled brat sometimes.

I was just reading this article in O magazine about a lady named Christine McFadden from Merced California. She is a vetrinarian and her ex husband came into her house on March 26, 2002 and shot all 4 of her children, one in which they shared. I was appalled at this story and how Satan can get into people's minds and distort their thinking as well as the pervasive problem of Mental Illness. This man was clearly ill and really made a horrible decision. After shooting all 4 children, he turned the gun onto himself and comitted suicide. I thought this was a horrible story and my attitude of gratitude was on my mind. I am so lucky to have all of my family members well and good, great friends who are supportive, and a beautiful boyfriend who loves me so much. This woman can still find peace in this world and that alone is amazing.

Today my goals are huge so I can't stay on long but I would appreciate prayers for me to work on things that God wants me to clean up. Also, please pray for a friend of mine (unmentionable) who is going through a lot in her family and needs wisdom. Thanks everyone and have a great day!


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