Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's May Already!

I can't believe it's already May. In just one year I will most likely be married to Anthony and that is big news for me. My summer is already going great as I did a deep cleaning of my room, started a scrapbook for my sister Hilliary, and have set up appointments with a new doctor and a podiatrist. I have a few friends getting married this summer so I have wedding gifts to buy and I think I am going to kick my scrapbooking into full swing this summer so I will be going to Tall Mouse (a craft store in Mission Viejo) quite often. Anthony and I went there this past weekend and it was amazing how much they had for scrapbooking.

On Tuesday of this week Anthony and I went to our home away from home, Disneyland. We were bummed because I didn't get off work until 6 meaning we got there at 7:00, in the park by 7:15 and it closed early at 8. We only got to ride pirates of the caribbean but if you know me, that is enough. I just love going there. We watched a bit of the parade as well and that is always entertaining to me no matter how many times I have seen it. This weekend we are heading out to look at some more apartments and we are going up to Los Angeles to see Anthony's aunt as well as going to Universal Studios Hollywood. It should be a fun weekend.

The newest plans for me today are to really work on one plan for the wedding and talk to Anthony about it tonight. I would like to continue working on it through the summer while I have time so that when we are officially ENGAGED, I can just put everything into action with my attendants. My girls are great and I am sure they will be more than happy to help me! I am much more concerned with preparing for the marriage than preparing for the wedding. I think sometimes people put too much into the ceremony and forget to put anything into the relationship.

Well, I should get to my day's tasks and start to think about what's next. I will be blogging much more through the summer so keep up on it. Have a great weekend!


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