Saturday, January 05, 2008

sick and disorganized

I had all of these amazing plans on how I would start 2008 and for the most part it was completely halted by the yucky sickness that completely ravaged me in Indiana. I flew into Indiana via chicago and ended up having to have my dad come up to Chicago to pick me up because flights were halted out of Chicago. The trip looked to be picking up when I finally reached Mitchell and got to bed at about 4 in the AM the next day. We celebrated Christmas as a family the next day and it went ok. The next day was the day with my dad and Tasha and I started to feel a little sick. That night we celebrated with the sisters and sure enough the sickness reached me.

The next few days were spent at Hill's apartment just laying around and coughing and blowing my nose. Anthony got sick too and so traveling sounded like the last thing we would want to do. We ended up having a pretty uneventful trip home wth no delays or issues. The only big thing was I got really sick at Chicago O'Hare and vomited on the floor. Not good

I have so much to do right now and I can't bring myself to do anything. I should be working out, reading, cleaning, organizing, making calls etc... I am so overwhelmed. Please God let there be some resolve to this sickness!!!


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