Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Burn out

Have you ever given your entire self to something and really dedicated yourself to it just to be underappreciated and treated like you were never faithful. Today, I got that treatment when taking a day off from work. In just 7 work days (9 days if you count weekends) I will be done with my obligation to the nanny position. In 4 years, I have taken maybe a total of about 10 sick days. I have worked most holidays excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have also allowed my job description to change drastically while my pay changed minimally. I have taken on being a mom when I got hired as a Nanny. I have been a friend and confidant in times of trouble, I have done things that were beyond my comfort zone and not quit over them but simply talked them out. I have been a faithful employee and all because I missed two days in a row, I am "slacking off" and "abusing our relationship."

This all came as a shock to me today and really made me feel badly about myself most of the afternoon. I refuse to allow it to continue to make me feel that way. I know what I have done for this family. I know the sacrifices I have made at times to help out. I know that I have not been able to give my school work the attention it deserves because I was practically doing the child's homework with encouragement from the father to do so. I have been blamed for things that a 15 year old has done and to be honest, I am burned out on being treated with disrespect.

Because I am a woman of my word, I will finish strong with these last 7 days and then I will celebrate and rest knowing that my job was well done and was left at the right moment. God help me finish this the way you would want me to!


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