Thursday, July 31, 2008

Goodbyes and stresses

So my life is completely changing in the next month. By September I won't have the same job, same practicum site, same relationship status or same last name. Everything is changing. I will be a married, unemployed, housewife, student, and stress ball. I am nervous about so many things right now that I can't even begin to write a post that makes any sense. My body is reacting heavily to all of these stresses in that my digestive tract is very messed up and even my female body doesn't like all that is occuring.

I think my body tends to tell me when too much is going down so that my emotions don't have to process it. I am going to try to process my emotions on here about all that is going on through the next couple of weeks but to be honest, I am dry right now. I cried for a literal 20 minutes straight last night in all of my disappointment, excitment, goodbyes, and stresses. I am losing some relationships, gaining other relationships, and possibly gaining a lot more responsibility than I have ever had.

I am absolutely bottomed out on emotion. My next post is gonna be about something I don't have yet and wish to develop. DISCIPLINE!

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