Sunday, October 12, 2008

More every day.

Today I had something really weird happen. Anthony went up to Fontana in order to celebrate his brother Paul's birthday with him. I decided I would stay in Anaheim in order to study but really because I think he needs that time with his brother and I wanted Anthony to be able to give his full attention to that. This morning Anthony and I went out shopping in order to pick up a few things for Hill's bridal shower but also decided to go the shoe store and see if there were any nice heels for Hill's wedding. We ended up finding two very hot pairs of shoes on clearance for 70% off equaling $30.00 for two pairs of name brand shoes. It was awesome. Even more awesome was that I seriously just love time with my husband.

We then headed home so Anthony could go up and meet his brother for lunch. Anthony dropped me off and I wanted to run after his car because for some reason I already missed him. I spent the next 10 minutes crying because I missed him so badly. I am usually not like this at all. Anthony works sometimes 10-15 hours a day and I am away from him entire days while I am in school but for some reason there was a saddness in him being off work and I wasn't going to be with him. Let me add here that Anthony invited me and wanted me to go with him and I chose not to. I knew that he needed that time with his brother and there are a few other reasons that I will not blog about. Either way, I had not experienced that intense of an emotion about him leaving before and it felt odd.

The minute I walked away from him today I thought outloud..."I love that man so much!" and I realized just how passionate I am about my husband and how over the last 2 and 1/2 years with him my love has grown enormously and even more so over the last 2 months of being his wife. It's just really strange to realize how head over heels you are about someone when you thought you knew. I don't know, I feel weird today. Enough of this, I might cry again.


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