Saturday, June 06, 2009

Easily annoyed or justified?

Today I was really made aware of my annoyances in the world. I am not sure if I am super sensitive today or more analytical about those annoyances. I am not in a bad mood by any means but something was really making me aware of the things that really bug me. I am sure there are way more than these but I thought throw them out there and see if any of you relate so here they are....

I am annoyed by people who break driving rules. Ok, I am annoyed by people who break rules period. I am one of the few people that I know who believes in keeping order and following rules. I have always felt that most rules are put in action to provide protection and order. Maybe that sounds "goody two shoes" but I don't care, it's who I am. I have a unfaltering desire to correct people when I see them breaking rules but I never do. A couple of examples are people who still hold their phone to their ear and drive, who cross a double yellow line to get in somewhere just 5 seconds earlier than they would have if they went up to an entrance, and when people park in a no-parking zone in my apartment complex causing me to not be able to get out of my space or get into my space.

I could talk about rules being disobeyed all day long. Anthony calls me "the ethics police" because I also do not like when people are unethical. I hate to see someone sneak into a movie, not return extra change they have received from the cashier, or steal cable, utilties, or internet use from their neighbors. I think this comes from an annoyance of paying my bills and struggling to do so while others disregard that. I should note here that I have friends who do some or all of these things and it doesn't change my love for them but for me, it's a no go and I do not participate.

I also noticed today that I really don't like when you are in a small room with someone and they are smoking and they do not put it out or leave the room out of respect. I at least feel that they should check with you if you are ok with the smoking since it's your lungs that are being damaged. This comes from me doing my laundry the other day in our apartment complex facility. There is one at the end of each hall so the room is only big enough for 2 washers and 2 dryers and a lady came in smoking a cigarette and folded her clothes while smoking which means not only did I have to breathe in her nonsense but my clothes that were just washed also had to. Annoying!!!

Oh man, you thought I was done...nope. Also, I hate when people go through the drive through and ask a billion questions that are clearly stated on the menu. Example, today when I was going for some breakfast this woman in front of me had to be told the flavors of syrup available for her coffee no less than three times even when they were boldly displayed on the lit up screen. I wanted to get out of my car and slap her in the face. Here's the deal lady, if you don't know the menu and you can't read it in like 2 minutes, GO IN THE STORE!

Then it gets better, I don't like when companies have to put down another company to make themselves feel better about their sub par performance. Example, today I heard a commercial from a reputable cable company whom shall not be named (cough Time Warner) that had to put down another reputable cable company that not only provides superior service but also better workers and more options and luxuries. I also will not mention that company's name (cough AT&T) My husband works there and for some reason when I hear these catty commercials I tend to feel they are putting him down and I get mad. Yes, it's silly I agree.

Oh and here's another one, so I have a neighbor who has a dog. I do not have a dog for about a million reasons. Namely because I don't like dog pee and poop. I don't want to have my furniture and/or carpet soiled by a dog. I have a dirt square that California people call a yard and until I have something that Indiana people would consider a yard, I will not have a dog. The neighbor's said dog, came into my house tonight uninvited when they opened their door without the little beast on a leash and he peed on my carpet. Yes, directly on my carpet. Which may I add, I just stepped in.

Today I feel Charlie Brown...I just want to yell GOOD GRIEF! I have decided that half the population is stupid and the other half are just plain inconsiderate. Where does this leave me you ask? I am hoping neither but we shall see.

I feel like these gripe fests are kinda fun. Give me a few of yours if you are willing!


The Domestic Engineer said...

My big thing is people dropping the f bomb around my children. I am constantly yelling at people. How ignorant are people? My neighbors across the street repeatedly get into it in their front yard and scream this word at one another. While she holds her one year old on her hip, and her newborn is sitting in a carrier at her feet, may I add. And then they look at me like I'm growing a horn when I complain. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who was raised by parents that would slap me into next week if I even uttered that word, kids or no kids.

I agree with you that there is a total lack of ethics with most people. I have no respect for lying or being underhanded. I just try and remember that God sees all, and his vengence is worse than mine ever could be. Haha, that's horrible isn't it?

Terra said...

Oh girl, you are too funny! HA! I share MANY of these "gripes". My biggest has to be smokers and people who yell at their kids in public.

We were over at Spring Mill Sat. and Livvy wanted to stop by the concession stand and get a slushie. As we were standing there ordering she started coughing uncontrollably. In about 2 seconds I realized why - there were 2 or 3 adults puffing away right next to the order window. I moved her away as quick as possible, but she headed over to throw some trash away and 2 other men stood there puffing. I thought "GOOD GRIEF!!". She's asthmatic and it drives me insane that people can be so inconsiderate and just blow smoke wherever they want...and they all wonder why they are losing their rights to smoke!

My other gripe (among many- haha!) is people who take their children out places and then proceed to yell/curse at them because they are misbehaving. I never cease to be amazed at the people who don't realize that if you don't discipline your child as they grow - yelling and cursing and making a total *ss of yourself won't change a thing when they're older and misbehaving in public.

That's just a couple of mine...but I could probably list many more. I am one of those people that injustices drive me crazy. I have to really fight my urge to try and right all the world's wrongs.