Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's time to talk

I have been silent for what seems like forever on my blog and I have missed the outlet but sometimes, it is just time to be silent. For the last few months, I have been working on a lot of issues. Anthony and I moved out of our apartment in February and that has been an adjustment as we moved to less space and a better place overall. Our financial status for the last year has been so hard due to him losing his job so we are feeling less and less stress daily. It takes so much longer to crawl out of that hole than you would imagine. My health has taken the top spot in my life lately and that has been something new that has required me to do a lot more personal journaling and therapy work than I would like to admit.

I found out this last couple of months that I have the first few signs of impending glaucoma and renal failure. As you can imagine, that really threw me into some sadness and annoyance but this time, it also threw me into action. I have been doing so well with my diabetes and am now in control. I know that I have the ability to reverse the damage I have done to myself and I will. I have been working towards health goals that I have never cared enough to even look at so it's been a few interesting months.

I am getting really excited as in just a few weeks I will be heading to Indiana to celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday and see my family. My sister, Britt is pregnant with her second baby, a little girl Madelyn Mae. I can't wait to meet her! I love being an aunt and that has been a huge motivating factor in my decision to treat my body better....heck..treat myself better. I am still working diligently toward building my private practice client base, selling Avon, tutoring, and just finished up a semester at Vanguard helping out with the Cog B Lab.

Anthony just enrolled in college and is working at Starbucks. He would love to work on his business degree and work toward corporate Starbucks. He loves the company and really believes in it. I love to see that in him. We are currently NOT trying to have a baby until my health is fully on task. That is the right decision and we are happy to be doing it. Sometimes being great parents is prolonging your own desires until they line up with what is best for your little ones!

Overall, we are doing well and I would love to write longer but it is time to stop for today. I hope you are all doing well. Thanks for stopping in to read! :)


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