Saturday, July 30, 2011

25 days until life changes completely

So some big changes are happening in my world. I have had this blog since I was in my undergraduate program in 2004 and it is so weird to me that I am 7 years down the road and looking at another huge change in my life. This blog has seen me through a huge break up, two years of single-hood and searching for myself, dating Anthony, going to graduate school, getting married to my sweet Anthony, graduating with my Masters, traveling, getting pregnant, losing my child, Anthony losing his job, and now it is going to see me over 2500 miles of moving back to my home state of Indiana. This decision comes at just the right time and I have watched God bless the decision over and over and I am looking forward to him continuing to bless it in 25 days when our car pulls out of California in pursuit of our new home in Indiana.

This move is a drastic change for Anthony who has always lived in Southern California and pretty big to me as I have grown very used to living here for the last 9 years. I have these beautiful nieces and a gorgeous nephew though that I refuse to miss growing up. Our financial struggles in California have been excruciating and although our marriage has stayed incredibly stable and happy, that is not a good reason to continue to struggle when we could be really thriving and enjoying our lives somewhere more affordable.

I wonder every day what this change is going to bring to us. Will we have a child soon? Will we buy a home in the next five years? What jobs will we end up with? What adventures will the Lord takes us on now. This blog has seen many adventures, heartbreaks, and celebrations and I am sure it is bound to see even more. I decided to blog today about what I look forward to in the next year of our lives with the move coming up.

-- I look forward to being a better wife because I won't have to work three jobs in order to survive.

-- I look forward to traveling more because we can afford to

--I look forward to focusing on my health

-- I look forward to time with my sisters, parents, and my babies

--I look forward to being healthy enough to try to get pregnant and start our family.

-- I look forward to building better relationships with all family members.

-- I look forward to every day being married to Anthony Lewis (as I always do)

As this change comes around the bend, I am excited yet nervous. Overwhelmed yet overjoyed. Here we go blog followers...another journey to embark on together.


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Jayne said...

Congrats, dearest! That is HUGE news! I'm so happy for you both! We can't wait to leave CA too!

Best wishes and lots of love! I can't wait to hear how it all goes. xoxoxo