Friday, July 02, 2004

July 1st was crazy!

Hi all! I am posting for yesterday because it was pure crazy with all I had to do. You will all be happy to hear that I have officially moved in to my new place. I love that house so much and the room is slowly becoming mine. It's absolutely adorable! I decorated myself and if I can be so bold, it's beautiful! I still don't have everything put away but being the organized person that I am, I have to take my time on such matters.

I was able to spend some of the day with Chris and getting to know him a little. I had no idea that there was a specific age where you did that thing where you repeated everything someone says. Apparently it's about 11 years old. He does that! It is probably going to be the death of me but it sounds like a fun challenge. He does this with a very whiney voice too order to imply that is how I talk I think. Who knows? I think this Blog will be so funny because of how I think about children. A lot of you already know this but seriously, NOT SO GOOD WITH KIDS! I have a knack for loving certain children and really loving them. I love Hailey & Riley (Carrie's kids) more than I have ever loved a child but that's different. I also love little Gavin (Joel's Cousin)but quite honestly he is the cutest little boy I have EVER seen. That being said, I am now going into working as a Nanny and working at a Baby clothing store. You are probably asking yourself why I would put myself through this but my answer will be simple. I need to be stretched. I need to do things that challenge my normal schemas. You know, I was recently told that I challenge some schemas and I found that to be a compliment. Maybe mine will be challenged in the course of my new life as a nanny and BabyStyle sales associate. Who knows?!

Well, this is my post from yesterday and stay tuned for today's post. My life is so exciting that you seriously will never be bored. Have a great day all and may this day bring you all you absolutely need!

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