Monday, November 28, 2005

Home for Christmas

I am sitting writing my post today singing "I'll be home for Christmas" at the top of my voice. I am so longing for home. I haven't seen my mom and older sister for 7 months and my little sister for almost 5 months. I haven't seen my dad, step mom, or other little sister for almost a year. It's really hard to be so far from your family and have the fear that you might not get home for Christmas. Money is very scarce right now and with the holidays approaching is not going to get easier. I looked at plane tickets today and even this early, they are already 400 dollars each. That scares me for sure.

I always love Christmas in Indiana. I love the way that Indiana looks with freshly fallen snow on the ground and how it smells like fireplaces and cooking food and people are rushing around all bundled up to get their Christmas shopping done. I love seeing my friends and family and sharing with them and getting to see them unwrap my gifts and know that I love them so much.

I love visiting my favorite people and getting to catch up on old times with them. I love going to the grocery store with my mom to get all of my favorite foods because she cooks them all while I am home. I love the smell of my mom's cooking in our house and going into the kitchen and seeing pans and pans of fudge and seeing some crazy concoction that Hillliary found in a magazine that she created as a masterpiece. (last year was the stocking cake)

I love Christmas Eve with my Grandfather's family where I get to see just a glimpse of him again through his brothers. We all get together and do a gift exchange, potluck, and play cards and just catch up on family news. Then we go home and start to prepare Christmas dinner (me and my mama) and open one gift each. We then watch White Christmas and stay up and then the next day..the magic happens. I love Indiana at the Holiday Season. Gosh, I want to go home NOW!



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