Sunday, December 03, 2006

Old loves part II

So I was speaking before about old loves and first loves. I was talking about reading and softball so I decided to talk about the book I just picked up a few days ago. I just started a book called "Alentejo Blue" by Monica Ali which was on Oprah's summer reading list. I am about to start the book club list but this book will be first. I have tried to make time this weekend to watch tv, read fun literature, do homework, hang out with the boyfriend, talk with friends, etc... While that is true, I found that I was getting rather lazy about my body. I am eating what I want to eat, not exercising, and not really taking care of my medications properly so tomorrow I am back in diabetic action. I am going to find out about insurance, take medications, work on my eating plan, and work out. I don't want to lose my first love, which is me!

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