Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The work begins.

As I pondered the new year, I have thought of several dozen things I would really like to work on in me. I know that as my years come and go I will find things about myself that are really great, things that need work, and things I didn't even know about. I know I will find patterns that don't work, communication styles that need revamped, and relationships that need roto-rootered. That is the lovely part about only being 26. I was talking today to someone I really respect who is coming up on their 60th birthday on Friday. She is literally one of my mentors, heros, and almost like a mother to me. She has helped God in molding me into the woman I am to become in the long run. She has encouraged me, prayed with and for me, and mostly driven me onto being more than I was raised to be. In saying that, I only hope I am 1/2 as wise as her when I am 60.

I have decided that the new project is to start working on these things one at a time and not overwhelm myself. This means I will take one weakness of mine and blog it to death. I will modify my behavior, work on my emotions that surround it, find out why I do it, and try to overcome it or accept it as a personality characteristic. Sometimes I will have to just accept it might be something I struggle with forever.

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of my authentic weaknesses is Inconsistency!!

This covers just about every single facet of my life including but not limited to; my diet, my weight, my health practices, my motivation and drive, my academics, my work ethic, my moral obligations, my ethical guidelines, my Bible reading, my prayer life, my church attendance, my kindness in relationships, my friendship levels, my blogging, and even down to my water intake. I know that this is a serious problem in my character and life and shapes me in so many ways as well as adds stress to my life.

My first step to recovery in this area is to really assess where I do this and how I do it. I think I will start in the most important place: My spirituality!

Quiet Time: This is an area where I really struggle. I need to build a habit of first having about 15-20 minutes of quiet time every day.

Prayer Life: This is an area where I do better but only when I really NEED God and not just to grow in my relationship; I am going to commit to prayer each day, there will be no time limit and no restrictions. This is to create a more welcome prayer life as opposed to strict guidelines I won't hold to.

Bible Reading: I am going to commit to the one year bible this year and try to just digest the Bible a little at a time so that I can truly get God's word.

Church Attendance: I have been really horrible about this so I know I need to start at the beginning. I am going to commit to going to church once a month through 2007.

These things are #1 on my list to really try to be consistent in. I want them so badly that I will do anything to build the habits of being in HIS presence. I am going to see if I can just do this and let myself slide on some other items until I get my footing in this most important one. I am not sure this will solve my inconsistency problem but I want my relationship with God to be a priority. I am going to start this immediately so that I can begin to feel strong in my faith first.

I will be reporting on how this is going first until I really learn how to be completely consistent in one area of my life. I will start this tonight when I have some time to myself. I won't be attending church until the new year since I am going to Indiana but the other things are going to be happening.

I really love my blog because it gives me a place to kind of throw everything out and think it through.


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