Friday, February 09, 2007

Updates on EricaVille!

Hey everyone. I am not able to post as much as I would like with job, grad school, working out, eating right, boyfriend, and potential planning for the future. Today I write with good news. Anthony and I invested on Wednesday in 3 year memberships to 24 hour fitness. Yes, we are now members of the gym! I went on Wednesday night and tonight and I am really enjoying the challenge of keeping my body happy! We have been reducing our calories since monday and we are trying to keep each other accountable. We have rewards set up for certain landmarks and small rewards each week for meeting our weekly health goals. We keep food journals with each other to make sure we are being honest and forthright about our intake. We are a health team right now! I am proud of us! I feel stronger when he is with me. Isn't love supposed to be like that?

Anyway, I have a huge project for school so I can't stay on tonight but I thought I would update what is happening in our lives right now. Thanks for stopping in!


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