Thursday, February 01, 2007

Universal Studios and other news

So Wednesday is date day and we switch back and forth on deciding what to do with our day. This week was Anthony's turn so he decided that he wanted to introduce me to the world of Universal Studios Hollywood. I have lived out here in California for almost 5 years now and I hadn't been to Universal. We went in the morning and stayed until about 3 and had a great time together. We took some pictures for memories and really enjoyed our time together. In other news, we have a Saturday date day too and we choose that event together so we are thinking of maybe seeing Charlotte's Web and then going to Universal Studios because we bought year passes.

Anthony has to be the coolest boyfriend ever created. He likes to do "girl" things like watching great movies and making memories and creating things together. He is absolutely the most wonderful man I have ever known. We are going into February as our 8th month together and it is literally the happiest 8 months of my life. I have fought myself on it because everytime I am happy I always feel like something will go wrong. I have decided that no matter how hard I have to fight, I am going to reprogram myself to think differently. I am going to think what is true. I am a great person with great characteristics. Why wouldn't a great man want to spend his life with me?

I will keep the blog updated as to what goes on for date day! We have a great time together and I am having fun making adventures with him daily! :)

I love my boy!


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