Monday, April 30, 2007

The Aventine, our quest for a home.

Good Monday to you all. This weekend was spent relaxing, studying, and apartment hunting. Anthony and I headed down to the Aliso Viejo/Mission Viejo area and started looking at places that we would like to live. We found a place called the Aventine where we took a tour and spoke with our more than friendly host, Ryan. We had a great time and we were in love with the two bedroom/two bathroom apartment we looked at. We are obviously praying diligently about this and not making a decision just yet. We won't even be applying until January 2008 so it makes sense to take our time and really research and feel God's leading on it. We know he will lead us to the right place.

We also were able to spend some quality time at home just relaxing and watching dvds this weekend. We watched the first 6 episodes of the Simpsons and laughed a little, a few CSI's and really just kicked back. I needed that after all of my finals and having one to take today. I take my last final of the year today at noon. It's in statistics and then I will be ready for the summer. This summer is going to include cleaning, organizing, planning a wedding, working out, breaking bad habits, reading for the next semester, praying, bonding, visiting family and friends, and relaxing by the pool. I am going to get Anthony and I memberships to the waterpark and we are going to visit Disneyland as much as possible with our annual passes. We are going to take massive amounts of photos, save tons of money for our future, and be creative with our time.

Anthony is doing really well at his new job and has just started his second week of training out of 3 weeks. He passed his CPR training and this week is onto wiring and putting things into people's houses. Today he is attending a big conference for all of the new workers at at&t in order to learn their new products. He is at the Anaheim stadium today doing all of that. He is really in high spirits about making good money and doing something he loves. We are excited about all that is new in our lives.

I am trying to think of all of the things I intend to work on this summer and it excites me to think about reading, hobbies, projects, outings, day trips, and wedding planning. I am stoked for all the summer brings. I still have to work but to me lately, that is nothing compared to Grad School, studying, and homework. Anthony and I both will be kicking our fitness plan into high gear and working on our nutritional goals as well. In April we both made a nutritional goal each. Mine was not having any fast food and his was no soda. We both achieved our goals and now are moving on to our May goals. We haven't decided those yet but we are sure they will be affective. I don't miss fast food and Anthony says he doesn't miss soda so we are doing a good job.

Fitness is going to be a big goal for both of us this summer and throughout this year as we prepare for our wedding and also for the next year in preparing for having our first baby. We are excited about all that the new years are going to bring and are saturating everything in prayer. We would appreciate your prayers as well. Have a wonderful day and God bless you all!


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