Monday, June 25, 2007

One year of happiness, how do i do it?

So today has been one year since I started being Anthony's girlfriend and started growing, learning, and being completely and utterly loved. This relationship has been the healthiest thing I have ever done and my happiness has been so large that I haven't known how to handle it. Now, that isn't to say that Anthony and I never disagree or's to say that I am so fiercely loved that I feel on top of the world. I mess up a lot and so does Anthony but we are finally accepted for those mess ups and found someone worthy of working on them with. We recently started premarital counseling and although we aren't engaged, it's so much fun to plan for our future and think about how things in our life are going to be when we are husband and wife. More importantly it's fun to live today with this man. It's fun to get hugs from him TODAY, it's fun to get kisses from him TODAY, it's fun to have conversations with him TODAY, and it's fun to plan things with him TODAY! I am looking to the here and now and realizing how great I have it to have someone so wonderful in my life and to have them here TODAY! :)

I have so much to do today in preparation for school to start back up in august, my sisters to visit, work for today, summer school for Christopher, appointments, doctor visits and the like as well as I am battling a bit of a sinus infection so my life is a bit hectic today. I started on my fitness plan today and I am very excited to meet my goals and know that I am doing the right thing for myself. Only one year until I am married lady...hopefully...and I want to do it at my healthiest!

Here's to a lovely 1 year anniversary to me and a gorgeous day to you!


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