Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy and sick, not a good combo

I have been absolutely crazily busy this week already with doctor appointments, dentist appointments, meetings, diabetic education, errands, and therapy appointments and on top of that I have something wrong with my throat. I woke up on Monday morning with a very sore throat and a splitting headache. I wasn't sure if I had just not been getting enough sleep or I really had something wrong. Yesterday (Tuesday) I woke up with the same feelings but no headache and a worse throat issue. I went to bed last night at 9:00 and woke up this morning with less of a throat issue but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow in order to find out if it's anything serious. I think I might have strep throat or tonsilitis or less serious, a sinus infection that is draining into my throat.

That being said, I am a bit overwhelmed today. Today I started my new eating plan and diabetic plan after talking with the educator yesterday. I am going to be going on a plan specifically for me with them but overall I am just focusing on getting healthy and in good control. They told me that they also have a program to prepare you for pregnancy so I am going to be starting that in a year in order to start planning for my baby! :) I am so excited about being a mom sometime in the next few years.

Everything is going pretty well outside of being under the weather and extremely busy but I'll get through that and we'll move on to a new week. Thanks for stopping in and I'll catch up soon.


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