Friday, September 14, 2007

A new school year and lots of passion

Hello everyone and happy Friday. It's been a very long time since I have written in my blog and I could blame a thousand things like work, boyfriend, school, reading, or laziness but I will be honest, it was just laziness. I haven't really been online as much lately due to some internet issues at the house and lots of reading to do with my new school year under way. We have been in school for 2 weeks and I am incredibly excited about this semester. I feel like I am going to learn so much about my career and even more about myself. I am in Premarital/Marital Therapy, Advanced Human Development, and Mind/Body/Spirit. I am very anxious to learn all that I can and get ready for my advance in the spring.

In other news, Anthony and I are heading out to Vegas for the weekend after work today. We both have work and then we are off to enjoy a weekend of down time and enjoyment. We are mainly going just to get away from our jobs and decompress a little bit. We are going to some Celebrity Impersonator show which will be fun and we are not huge gamblers but we do like the idea of staying in the Luxor. We are very excited about our weekend.

Also, Anthony is getting ready to go to Indiana for the first time with me in 2 weeks. Brittany, my little sis is turning 21 years old and we are throwing her a party at the bowling alley (Indiana style) and staying for 5 days. We are really excited for Anthony to meet my parents, my other sister, and see where I grew up.

Anthony is getting ready to be at his 6 month mark of working for AT&T and we are happy to see it working out. I am looking at 9 more months only with Chris and Richard and then I am off into another phase of life...hopefully wife, new worker, mother and eventually therapist!

Well, I must get off and clean my room, pack some clothes and do some homework. Have a great weekend everyone.

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