Friday, June 27, 2008

Life, updated and changed.

I was just stopping in to read my last post so I can see where I should catch up and sure enough, I couldn't believe I had posted that. I was so frustrated. Things are certainly different nowdays. Anthony ended up keeping his job due to his work record being very good and was only suspended for 10 days. It made a dent in finances but it really was the best situation we could have had. On April 18th we signed the lease to our new apartment. We now live in Anaheim and it's ok. It's not where I really wanted to live but it is in our price range and provides the items and amenities we really wanted. About a month ago, I put in my notice with the nanny job. I have decided to not continue doing it after August 1st. I have just had enough of it because it takes so much of me and so does Graduate School. I want to give school the best of me for the last year.

That was an incredibly hard decision to make but since I have made it, God has shown me numerous ways that it was the right decision. I am loving my apartment in the sense that it is fully furnished now and looking more like a home every day. Anthony and I really did not want to live together before we were married, however, finances do not allow for us to have seperate places when we are so close to getting married. Anthony hasn't officially popped the question yet however we know that we are going towards getting married in the next year.

Therapy is going much better than last stated. My individual is starting to move again toward some of the bigger issues I am tired of fighting. I think that this will be the biggest hurdle for me right now and we are working on food/diabetes/caring for my self issues. Also, group therapy is going much better, but I wish I would have picked a different day as my job sometimes gets in the way of me attending. That is a bummer. Oh well, that is about to stop being a problem in August. Premarital is going as well as therapy can go. I used to think that our therapist kind of picked on me but lately I am starting to see I am a huge part of the problem so she has no choice. I am seeing a vast increase in our harmony when I make changes to how I do things. I am proud of myself most days in our relationship.

Things have been hard here and there but God has been good and I passed advancement with no problems. I am very proud of that and I have decided to do an assisstantship for money in the school year and won't be working. I am excited about focusing on school again. Anyway, I will stop in soon and keep up on Anthony and I at...

Hope to see you there.


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