Friday, August 29, 2008

School update

Hey everyone, so school is officially back in action. I have only had 3 of my 5 classes so far due to schedule differences at the program. On Wednesday I had Psych testing. It is really going to be a lot of work but I am excited to learn how to administer tests and score and things. On Thursday I had both special topics and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and they were both really cool. There is a large work load in all of my classes but after 2 years of this, I was prepared for that. There are quite a few writing assignments, a ton of reading, and two clients so far that I have to have for my classes. I need one client for testing in order to administer, score, and interpret the tests and one for Cog B to learn techniques and practice them.

The classes I haven't had yet are Case conceptualization and Clinical Psychopharmacology. I am excited about both because I am a total nerd and love being in school. Also, it has been really nice since Anthony is working for both of us and I don't have to have a job. I am making small amounts of money on the side right now doing things from home and a small assistantship at school. From home I am doing online lesson plans for a tutoring company, recycling, online tutoring, etc... At school I am going to be decorating for Holidays and cleaning up the Grad Psych department on a regular basis and it makes decent extra cash for groceries and household supplies. It should be a busy but good semester.

I just started at a new practicum site location. I am still with the same agency but I am just working at a different school. I was able to visit the school today and it was a much better environment than my last school and I am looking forward to working with the clients there. I am very excited for all that this semester brings and the ability to focus on school entirely this year! Graduation in May never looked so good though! :)

I hope everyone is doing well, leave a comment with what's new in your life or jot me an email. I miss everyone back home so much!

--Erica Lewis--

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