Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'll say it again for good measure

There have been so many posts on this blog about my weight and how hard it has been for me. There have been posts where I was losing weight, gaining weight, working out, not working out, binging, not binging and in between but I was never trying to be a mama and a wife back then. Ever since I have been a wife I have not just taken my weight as an issue but my health has been an issue. I have not missed my diabetic medication since the day I said "I do" 4 months ago yesterday. I take my vows very seriously and I know that I owe not just myself but Anthony the chance for a long life with me. We are both more focused on our health since getting married and even more so since deciding to start trying to have a child.

I am going to chronicle my weight loss on a private blog for myself but I also want to report into you guys just what is going on. I shockingly found out a few months ago that I allowed myself to get back to 303 lbs. I had lost all the way down to 220 and it felt great and when graduate school started, I stopped trying to do that. Today I am 299 lbs and I am working extra hard toward some goals. I see my doctor again on Monday December 15th and then the diabetic doctor again on Friday Jan 9th so I will updates on weight quite frequently.

I am working out again, eating on a meal plan, and focused. Life can not go on with these diabetic problems and weight issues. Please say a prayer if you think about Anthony and I as we embark on a very hard goal!

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Casey said...

I'm rooting for you E! I will keep you in my prayers, for motivation and strength to jump over this hurdle. Also, i've recently studied a lot about vegetarian diets and how they can help people lose weight and also help with things like diabetes. My hubby is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to food/diet plans, so if you have any questions or need advice, feel free to ask =) Love ya!