Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slow and Steady wins the race

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You know that old saying "Slow and Steady Wins the race?" Well, it completely annoys me on so many levels. I might be one of the most impatient people that have ever walked this fine planet. The other night Anthony and I were doing our devotions before bed and the topic was "Love is Patient" and at the end of it, it said to ask ourselves the question "Are you patient?" The answer was a resounding NO from me and Yes from Anthony. I believe fully that Anthony is VERY patient and that I am the polar opposite.

This is NOT good for my life at all to be this impatient. There are reasons to numerous to fully list but here are a few...

-- I want a child yet it isn't time

-- I am building my caseload for work and it takes time

-- I need to lose weight and that will take time

--I am not in shape and it will take time to get there

-- I am a diabetic and taking care of myself takes so much time

Have you seen a pattern? Everything that is crucial to my survival and life are time consuming and I am a "get it done" kind of girl. Nothing that matters to me at all can be completed, accomplished, achieved, or mastered in the amount of time I want to spend which is negative minutes. I guess there is no escaping this lesson. I just need to go ahead and give the time it takes to learn it! ARGGGG

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Terra said...

I am SO impatient! But, I have to admit, having Livvy helped break me of some of that impatience. Mainly, because you don't hurry anywhere with a newborn. haha! Still, I sometimes try to rush life past me. It's something I need to work on too :)