Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hey everyone, I hope this beautiful Thursday finds you doing well. Anthony and I decided this year to observe Lent. We are not catholic and usually this is practiced by those who practice catholicism but since we are both really big Jesus followers we wanted to do this in rememberance of the 40 days before the crucifixition and give up something that was a sacrifice and use the time we would have eaten or done an activity to focus on our relationship with Jesus and having HIM search our hearts for things we could fix in our walks. It has already been powerful in just 24 hours.

Anthony decided to give up sleep. He is starting to get up at 5:30 am to spend his first hour of his day with Jesus in prayer or bible study. He said that his morning was powerful and God really showed him things that he could work on. I have a habit of eating at least one piece of dark chocolate a day and I love chocolate so much. I rarely go a day without having a piece of chocolate, chocolate cookies, chocolate flavor or something relating to chocolate. I count it as a piece of my mental health. Well, I guess you have concluded that I indeed gave up chocolate for 40 days! I am so excited to see how God uses this time for us to make us better. I am always looking to be a better Christ Follower.

I will keep the blog updated on our journey through Lent and what God does with it! Should be moving and enlightening!

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Lindsey said...

Oh...... those candies look SOOOOOOOOOO good. It's a good think I can't eat them through the computer!
Lindsey Petersen