Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lent update

Well I am officially half way through lent and it has gone great. There have been numerous opportunities to be tested and see what God would do through this time. For example, Anthony and I went out to dinner to celebrate an accomplishment of mine and sure enough, the waitress felt it was necessary to bring me a free hot fudge sundae to celebrate. I lovingly gave it to the hubby and remembered what Jesus did on the cross for me.

We went out of town for a few days the other day and went to a location that sells chocolate, chocolate, I bought some and popped it into the fridge and promised myself not to touch it until April 1st when lent is over. So far, so good. Also, our girl scout cookies arrived and the only ones I eat are thin mints so there they our freezer waiting on me.

God has really been changing my heart on a lot of matters and helping me with one specific area that has been control issues. Thank you Jesus for helping me on this journey with no chocolate.

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