Saturday, July 03, 2010

Gladiator and Pride & Prejudice

I am not feeling too good today so I took advantage of the time down and watched Gladiator and read some Pride and Prejudice. Here are my thoughts on both. I am not quite done with the book but the movie was excellent. I really loved Russell Crowe's Character however, I really wanted to punch Joaquin Phoenix in the face by the end too! I have to give it to him though, the acting was phenomenal. You always know if you love or hate someone ...or feel strongly about them at all by the end of a movie, they must have done a good job portraying their character. I can understand why this movie is one to see before you kick the bucket.

The only criticism I have for it is that I am a bit squeamish when it comes to blood and guts and it was a tad bit much for me at some points but completely necessary for the material being presented. Good movie, I liked it a lot!

Onto Pride and Prejudice. I already just love the sarcasm that Eliza and Mr. Darcy have with one another and in general. Even though the language is not what I speak on a day to day basis, it is not lost on me how witty and awesome this writing is. I have wanted to read this for years and never made the time. I am glad I am making the time now. It is so far amazing and I will continue reading and reporting back. How are your life lists coming? Have you made any goals yet?

By the way, I also worked on my Spanish for right around 2 hours yesterday! Not bad huh?

Yo Necessito Estudiar mucho mas.


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