Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions n such

I haven't written on my blog for a while but it isn't due to a lack of thoughts, just a lack of motivation to write. I thought I had better write today about resolutions being the new year is here. 2010 was extremely hard for me and my family so I am looking forward to 2011 being a bit easier and having much more opportunity. In the spirit of the "holiday" here are my 2011 resolutions!

My resolutions are sectioned into categories with five resolutions in each category that are of utmost importance this year.


  1. Get under a new diabetic doctor or the old one and find a diabetic medication regime that works to get my sugars under control.
  2. Get my Hemoglobin A1C to a 7 or lower.
  3. Lose a reasonable amount of weight per month (between 10-12 lbs) with a goal for the year of 120-144 lbs
  4. Incorporate exercise into my life where I do at least 150 minutes per week
  5. Eat at least 2-4 servings of fruits/vegetables a day until it is a habit.

  1. Use all five love languages on my husband each day to make sure I am doing my best to give him what he needs to feel loved.
  2. Pray for my marriage each and every day
  3. Each week do something tangible to show my husband I love and appreciate him (a card, note, small gift, act of service, etc...)
  4. Do my part to complete my household responsibilities on time to show dedication to my marriage/husband.
  5. Take time each day to talk with Anthony face to face and without distraction for at least 30 minutes.

  1. Take time to pray each day (no time limit)
  2. Read Bible each day (no limits)
  3. Spend at least 10 minutes in quiet time each day
  4. Find a church to go to and go faithfully
  5. Find a way to do service and get involved each week

  1. Maintain work blog each day
  2. Keep notes/files up to date with clients
  3. Do 1 hour of marketing for therapy job each day
  4. Bring all things up to date (MFTI, Insurance, memberships, etc...)
  5. Keep all hours documented and copied well

  1. Build a large customer base
  2. Keep up with customers via email, Facebook, calls, etc...
  3. Do at least one giveaway a month to elicit new business
  4. Spend 1 hour each day working on Avon goals
  5. Go to all available meetings/opportunities that Avon allows.
Friendships/Family Relationships:

  1. Be in better contact with all friends by trying to call three friends each week to catch up
  2. Send one card/letter each week to friends/family
  3. Pray for friends and family daily
  4. Call every two days to check in with Kaylea and Shawn
  5. Have at least two friend outings per month to invest in friendships

  1. Move out of apartment to a better situation by Feb. 1st in order to save money
  2. Work on getting all bills to current that are monthly and maintaining a monthly budget that works.
  3. Try to make $1,000 over what we need each month in order to pay off debts/save/etc...
  4. Save 10% of our income each month to create a better emergency situation
  5. Fully research moving out of state and decide if it is financially feasible.

  1. Be more organized with paperwork and try to deal with mail immediately and file/trash/deal with whatever needs to be done
  2. Clean out email entirely once per week and do not let it get overwhelming
  3. Keep space neat and tidy (car, table, etc...) to be most productive
  4. Do one day of self care per week in order to de-stress
  5. Read one book for pleasure each week :)
I am sure there is much more I would like to accomplish in 2011 but these are the beginnings. I try to set realistic goals in several categories of life and I never get down on myself if I don't meet one. I just try to do as much as I can. I would rather reach for the highest level and get half way there than reach low and get all of the way there. I pray that you all have a wonderful 2011 and hopefully I will be blogging much more to keep you up on changes and growth.

Happy New Years~


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