Sunday, January 06, 2013

Good changes

Hey everyone,

The new year is proving to be a success in terms of resolutions and plans to make things better. Anthony and I listened to a sermon this morning and totally spoke to both of us and we felt really fed and also challenged for changes in our new year/life in general. I spent my day today running errands including grocery shopping and handling things for our baby shower. My awesome friend Carrie is hosting the shower and she has done such a great job preparing for it. I am very excited to celebrate my boy and enjoy a day about him before he gets here!

In the latter part of the evening I went over and had dinner and time with my sister, her boyfriend, and my nieces. It was nice to be around them for a few hours. Now, I am home for the evening and going to make Anthony and I some yummy dinner and tomorrow is date day. I am really looking forward to a day with my husband. I plan to get myself as pretty as I can and just spend the day with him and ignore the rest of the world. I think that is completely healthy.

I have been enjoying my day to day Bible reading in getting through the whole Bible this year. I have loved the trek back through it and learning different things than I have in the past. I am also really enjoying getting my house organized for better stress management and time management. I love the clean smell and organized surroundings that help me enjoy the last few months of my pregnancy.

Anthony and I have also embarked on a "get out of debt" and savings plan for the year and I am excited to be able to report on how much debt we have eliminated and how much savings we have developed each month. Since we do want to pay off debt as much as possible, it means that sometimes the savings won't be as much. Our goal is just to be able to save $1200 by the end of the year and reduce our debt by double that or more. We are hoping for more peace, more joy, more obedience, and more bringing glory to God in 2013.

Tuesday we have two appointments for the baby and Wednesday we have one so we will be updating both the personal blog and Max's blog for family and friends. Hope you'll stop back in to see us. Have a great second week of the new year!


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