Sunday, March 17, 2013

40 days of organization, my first 20 days...

Today I read a post from my sister on Facebook where she was taking a challenge to do 40 days of organization. I am inspired as that is one of my New Year's resolutions to get more organized to maintain my mental health. I told her I would work on my list today so here is my 40 days of organization list and we are going to check in on Wednesdays and Sundays so I think that is when I'll try to get back to the blog to update as well.

I hope this inspires you to get your life organized as well:

Day 1:  Laundry System: baskets, specific loads, what days to run what loads, laundry room etc...

Day 2: My bathroom: clean thoroughly, medicine cabinet, makeup, toiletries, etc...

Day 3: Linen closet: Organize towels, diabetic supplies, and overage of toiletries and household products

Day 4: Max's diaper changing station: Organize diapers, wipes, burp cloths, washcloths, and Max's toiletries

Day 5: Max's clothes: Get Newborn clothes and 0-3 put in closet and store all other clothes, remove preemies as he has outgrown them (YAY)

Day 6: Pantry: Remove any expired canned food, organize boxes and cans, write up list of items in pantry to construct new shopping list & Menu

Day 7: Thank You Notes: Write more thank you notes, get missing addresses, put new gifts on list, and mail off at least 20 thank yous

Day 8: Max's baby book: Fill in missing info from recent doctor's appointments and post new pictures into book.

Day 9: Max's Two month letter: Write Two month letter for family members, print new pictures, and mail packets!

Day 10: Financial Documents: Put all bills together with ledger, Compile a total of debt, and figure out a plan to get working down debts by 2015 more clearly.

Day 11: Important documents file: Create and label a file for all important documents including social security, birth certificates, taxes, etc.... especially Max's new items

Day 12: Scentsy: Clean up Scentsy area for the new year with invoices, create marketing ideas for coming months, and begin mailing list info for existing customers.

Day 13: Calendar: Update family calendar for the months of April and May to include Dr appointments, work schedule, date nights, etc...

Day 14: Refrigerator: Clean out thoroughly and reorganize remaining items to reduce waste.

Day 15: Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets: Reorganize to be more streamlined, get rid of unneeded items

Day 16: Scrapbooking supplies: Organize boxes of embellishments, adhesives, stamps, etc... and paper box (To start Max's scrapbook!)

Day 17: Coffee Stash: Get rid of outdated coffee, organize k-cups, and restock coffee area for daily use

Day 18: TV stand: remove all items not belonging, dust, and organize for use

Day 19: Our Closet: Remove unwanted clothing to donate, Put all empty hangers in laundry room, organize shoes, and dirty clothes areas

Day 20: DVDS: re-shelve all watched DVDS in order, catalog new DVDS and label

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