Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 1 down: Laundry Room

So yesterday I embarked on a 40 day mission to get my life together...or as they called it; 40 days of organization. Since I have been home with Max, my life has literally fallen down around me. We had three weeks worth of mess from coming and going to Louisville and of course, just the normal messes of everyday life piled on behind it. I started and got my laundry room organized and cleaned to my satisfaction so it can become a place of productivity and not just mess. I use this room for a few things...obviously laundry machines, trash can, water cooler, and an area where I put our family calendar and our schedules so that we are always on track. I also put things up on the metal area with magnets like checks needing to be deposited, grocery lists, to do lists, or papers we need to take somewhere. It is a super helpful little organization area. This first picture is of my machines and the beauty of no clothes sitting around folded or not, no mess, just a place to do my laundry.

This next picture is of my organization area. I love this area. A picture of Anthony and Max and their corresponding schedules.

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