Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Happy Birthday to my Toots and other matters...

19 years ago, God blessed me beyond measure. He brought a little girl into my life who was to forever be my best friend. She was not my best friend at first but the dreaded little sister who took my spot as baby! I had been the baby for 6 whole years and I wasn't giving up without a fight. We had many years of being distant to say the least. Then, one awful July day I learned that I would never again take her for granted. She was there for me in one of my darkest moments and was my confidant for days and weeks after and eventually became my best friend today and forever. Today is my little sister Britt's 19th birthday and I am so happy that I was blessed to be able to have HER as a sister! Happy Birthday Toots!

Last night, one of my favorite boys in the world had a great victory for himself and I wanted to acknowledge that too. Josh McCall, one of the best men to ever walk this planet (Hambone) scored his first college goal in soccer! WOW! I am so proud of you Josh and I am amazed at the man that you are and continue to be! It's great being triplets with you and toots!

I wanted to also ask for prayer for Christopher today. We had some blood work done on Friday of last week and today it came back that he had a high blood sugar and this creates room to believe he might be a diabetic. To all of you who just gasped, I know! We are going tomorrow morning to get him tested with a fasting blood sugar in order to determine whether he is or not. Please pray he isn't. From someone who understands, I would hate that for Christopher.

In other news, my friend Heather B. is getting married this saturday! I am so excited for her and I can't imagine how her last week of being single is affecting her. It must be crazy! My friend Jarrid got married this past Saturday and since he is on his honeymoon, I haven't heard from him but I am sure it went wonderfully!

Life with me is going well. My therapist and I have decided that it's time to get back in the ring and start fighting for what I want again. This means continued closeness to God, weight loss, and a career in psychology. Weight loss and Psychology have recently taken a back seat to a greater battle but I think it's time to get back in the game and really work hard. I would appreciate your prayers for strength, endurance, and time management.

My jobs are going wonderfully, spiritual life is growing, friends are great, and family is getting better. Please pray for Britt as she has decided she wants to make Vanguard her home next year! WOO HOO..GO LIONS!

Anyway, have a great week and thank you for stopping in and caring about my life. If you have anything I could pray about, email me at erica_king80@hotmail.com anytime!

God bless you all!

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