Thursday, September 22, 2005

The journey is long and hard but so rewarding.

Hello everyone. I haven't written for a while so I thought today would be a great day to do an update. Life has been interesting for the last couple of weeks. First of all, I would really appreciate your prayers for two families. The first family are my neighbors and their names are the Chaumburgs. One of the family members (Gary) actually took his own life on Thursday of last week and I really would just like to continue praying for the family in this devestating time. Also if you could all lift up a family from back home (Indiana) that would be great also. Their names are the Ozechowski's. This is a family I have known since I was about 12 years old. They actually attend my church back home. Michele (the wife) passed away on Tuesday of this week. I am not sure the facts yet so I don't know what kind of situation we are looking at but it doesn't look good as she was facing some serious problems. Mostly lift up her husband John and her daughter (3 years old) Autumn to the Lord and just pray that they are taken care of right now.

Things in my life are a bit mixed and complicated but I am pushing through. Overall it's been a month since I decided to rededicate my life to the Lord and get serious about obedience. I put one huge sin to the front of my mind and started fighting it the way I had never tried before. That is complete dependence upon God. I have since learned amazing lessons about really depending on God and the peace that it brings. When I was trying to fight this sin on my own, I was exhausted and completely unable. Since I took my hands off of it, it hasn't been easy but it has been peaceful as I wait on the Lord for my strength.

Things are going pretty well and I am working hard on some things while taking a distinct break from others. I have been exhausted with a few tasks in my life for some time and haven't allowed myself adequate rest. Now is the time to focus on the important tasks and leave the others to the Lord while doing as He pleases. Below are updates on all of the facets of my life and I hope you use my stories to help you get closer to your Father in Heaven.

Spiritually: I am still going strong in my spiritual disciplines by attending both Rock Harbor and Newport Mesa weekly. I am involved in children's ministries at both churches. I do Rock Harbor on Tuesday mornings for the Nurture ministry and then Newport Mesa on Sunday mornings during the 11:00 service. I have joined a small group in Huntington Beach and starting this Friday we will be meeting every week to discuss spiritual disciplines. I will write more about this once it actually starts up tomorrow. I am also starting a class at Newport Mesa on Sunday nights starting in October. It is a class called "Change Your Life" and is geared toward a book by Becky Tirabassi. I am also meeting with a friend every Tuesday night for accountability time. That has proven to be a very growing time for me. Overall, I am learning that intimacy with my father happens in all of these situations; my alone time with Him, my ministry opportunities, and where I am being discipled as well. My battle against my major sin that I have been writing about has been going great. I have had a few setbacks but overall I am really coming against it. Please continue to pray for my spiritual growth.

Health: I would love to report that things have changed drastically in this area but they just haven't. I haven't lost any more weight and really haven't been great with eating and/or exercise. I have worked out here and there and certainly don't binge eat anymore but I am still running to food in emotional highs and lows as well as with boredom. Diabetes seems to be doing well. I haven't had any kidney problems since May so that is a very positive thing. I just recently got over a cold and I have been just exhausted since that. I am really hoping it's not mono or something so please keep me in prayer for a complete healing. I would also appreciate prayers for strength so I can get back on my weight loss plan. I have rested from this facet of my life for a bit to give myself some time to get used to my new life with God. It's time to get back to work.

Job/Career: My job with Christopher is going well. Chris seems to be doing a lot better in school except for a few disciplinary problems here and there. We are trying to get a perfect dose down for his medication and really learn organization skills. I have been really enforcing organization because that is the key to Christopher being successful. He is working hard at Karate and Piano. He really enjoys both and excels at them. He should be testing for his Blue belt soon in Karate so keep him in your prayers. Miss Hannah does a great job with him in piano and he nevers gives me any problems with practicing. My main focus right now is giving 110% of me into this job so that I am impacting Christopher in every way and also impacting Richard at the same time.

My new job at Rock Harbor is really cool. I haven't had time to really write about it but I work for the Nurture Ministry on Tuesday mornings. I basically maintain the "big kids" classroom while the women are in the nurture meeting. Nurture is a place for moms to get together and encourage one another and just be renewed every week. I have the privelage of keeping their children (ages 3-5) and teaching them about Jesus, playing with them, etc.. and it's blessing my heart. I have learned so much just in the two weeks of doing this awesome job.

My upcoming job at Vanguard is getting exciting for me. I am returning to my beloved O. Cope Budge Library just temporarily from the months of October--December (possibly January) and will be working in the department of circulation. All of you probably know that I spent my two years at Vanguard working there and loved it and all of the people involved. It will be good to be back in that environment just for a bit. I start on Oct 8th so please keep praying for me.

My plans to attend Grad School are still really a big goal for me. I would really like to be in Grad School by Fall 2006. I have to be honest, I have taken a break from this preparation as well. I am nervous about it and really feel led to take breaks here and there and just trust God. I am applying to several schools and also having to take the GRE and all of these things are supremely expensive and overwhelming. I would appreciate all prayers that you could direct my way for these awesome challenges.

Friends: My friends are all doing great and it's great to see them growing and changing into the men and women that they need to be. I don't share anything personal on here about them but defintely want to share in their celebrations and prayer requests if possible....

Josh: Has a game tonight for the Vanguard Lions Soccer team and another one on Saturday at home. Please call me if you want to go on Saturday and watch my boy play some serious defense! Josh is in his senior year at Vanguard and seeking God's direction in every area of his life. Please keep him in your prayers and also pray for the soccer team as there are many on there who don't know the Lord.

Joel: Joel is seeking the right job schedule and working on Grad School as well. Seems to be doing great and is totally being shaped and molded. It's great to see this! Just pray for direction for him through Grad School and getting the right jobs going.

Heather: Heather was baptized two weeks ago at Corona Del Mar and rededicated her life the week prior to that. Please continue to pray for Heather as she starts her life over for God and seeks direction and wisdom through it. Also, keep her family in prayer as they have had a few battles lately to and finances.

Hannah: Doing great and is growing by leaps and bounds. Keep her and Aaron in your prayers for direction (Aaron is her boyfriend)

Carrie: Please pray for Carrie and her family (Paul, Hailey, and Riley) as they face a potential danger in their environment. Also, please pray for her family as they have recently gone through a death and several of them need God in a real way. Also Hailey has started preschool (awwwww...) and she needs your prayers for continued growth and love of school. Riley is getting so big and eating everything in sight (ha ha)

Jarrid: Jarrid gets married to Sarah this weekend. I am so freaked out that he will be married. Please pray for provision and health in the marriage as well as a great wedding day.

Heather B.: Will be getting married next weekend to Jason. Pray that all things come together and for their peace and joy on their wedding day. Also, obviously...just a healthy happy marriage.

Pam: Received her Masters in Library Science and is currently seeking a librarian position. Keep praying that one opens up for her!

Nick: My friend Nick just got home from serving in the U.S. Marines in Iraq a few weeks ago. He has a new baby, Calvin Michael Pridemore, and is able to spend time with his family...(Merry his wife and Calvin). Please just praise God for his safe return and pray for little Calvin as he starts his life.

Romance: HA HA HA ...maybe I shouldn't laugh but this is an area that God will have to own because I want no part of it anymore. I am doing fine and growing content with being alone and it's really great. I am to the point where if the man isn't God's best for me...I would prefer not to know him. I know that sounds harsh but after a few heartbreaks ...I am over it!

Family: My family are doing ok. My mom and dad seem to be doing alright but could use your prayers in their jobs and satisfaction in them. My sisters (Hilliary and Tasha) I have no clue but Britt is in her freshman year of college and is planning to transfer after this year. She is considering Vanguard so please pray because I want her to do what's great for her but I am pretty happy with the idea of her being close to me! She is thinking of a career in music education, ministry, etc... She basically isn't happy unless music is in her life is some way. She also has been leading worship at her church youth group so pray for her in that area.

Well, I guess that's the update for now. Sorry it's been a while but things have been busy and hectic. I appreciate your reading today and I am so happy you stopped in. Much love to all of you and please let me know how I can pray!


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