Saturday, September 03, 2005

Waves of Mercy

Have you ever felt like you are literally swimming in God's mercy? I sure do today. I have been completely helped and blessed for two whole weeks today. I gave up a huge sin in my life 2 weeks ago and it has changed me seriously. I feel waves of God's mercy and grace and forgiveness. It is truly amazing and I am excited.

Last night I did the unthinkable. Many of you know that I have serious difficulties in developing strong healthy female relationships. Most of my dear friends over the years have been male. In saying that, I decided to step out in faith and attend a "girls night out" at my church last night. It was very good for me and completely faced several of my fears head on. I was able to connect with a few women and get their information in order to "hang out" sometime. I also felt led to ask one of the older women than myself to pray for me and with me about my sin life.

I confessed my sin to her and just allowed her to speak into my life in every way possible. I was open to hear and knew God was there with us. I was truly blessed by the prayer and felt God's provision in it. This event strengthened my heart and life and completely brought me to a new place of femininity.

Many prayers lately have also been answered which is great and I can see God working in my friends, family, and others. Tomorrow is my first day in Children's ministry and I am very excited to see where God takes that. I am also getting excited for my small group game night on Friday, my women's luncheon on Saturday, and my accountability dinner with a GIRL friend on Tuesday. I have many growing opportunities coming up and I would encourage you to stop in and see where God is taking me.

I wanted to take a moment and congratulate Vanguard University Men's Soccer Team for a win last night at Biola! Great job guys! My favorite boy...Josh...plays on the team so I am very happy about this. Also if you could say a prayer..they play again tonight! Also, please be in prayer for my little sister's step-mom Cathy. She has been very ill and needs healing! Thanks everyone and hope that your weekend is blessed


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