Monday, January 01, 2007

Cleaning the corners in the New Year.

Well first of all, Happy New Year everyone! 2007 is sure to be a great year! I am starting the new year right with a blog. I just read a great devotional and it was about our lives with God and how we have sins that are obvious in our lives like the major housecleaning that takes place in our houses daily. You know what I mean; washing dishes, sweeping floors, cleaning out the fridge (my most hated) and those types of things. These relate the obvious sins like lying, stealing, lusting, cursing, hate, greed, etc... These can be the obvious ones and difficult to work with just like the others. Then there are the less obvious sins or the dirty corners. In our houses this relates to cleaning baseboards, scrubbing under the fridge, cleaning out the junk drawers and closets, etc... These are the less obvious messes but still harmful to the cleanliness of your house. These are like the less obvious sins in our lives like "white lies", hidden agendas, manipulation, bad attitudes, procrastination, etc... These are the ones I am paying attention to in the new year.

I wrote before how I really want to work with inconsistency so what better place to begin than on a new start on January 1st! Today I had a healthy breakfast, took my meds, was nice to my bf, am blogging, and intend to delve into my WORD in just a bit. I am reading and answering emails, making a todo list to organize my time, planning on hitting the sack at 11:30 for good health, cleaning my room, doing laundry, organizing and just plain getting it right in the New Year.

The most pressing thing I really want to address in 2007 though is my corners. I want to address those bad attitudes and bad habits that leave me really wanting more of God and not fully able to reach Him. They hinder my spirituality, my relationships, and my well-being. I intend to really pull the furniture out this year and let my dirt be exposed. I hope everyone that reads this has a chance to pull the "fridge" out and get the crumbs. God reaches us in our most vulnerable state. My 2007 is going to be about Love, forgiveness, cleaning, organizing, managing, and mainly becoming the woman I was intended to be for my God, myself, my husband, and my children! Hopefully God and others will be loved better this year!

To a new year, Cheers!

--Erica @ work--

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