Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Erica's updates.

Hello everyone. Today is my class day and I am seeing all too well the patterns of ericaisms happening daily. I am already behind in my reading due to not being able to purchase the books early enough. I am not feeling entirely ready for the day including my sleep level. I am not feeling well health wise because I haven't been eating nor exercising. I just feel like a lump. I am going to class tonight even though everything in me says skip it and catch up. I know skipping it to catch up will only lead to more behindness! (not even a word, I don't think)

I have been going through some emotional crap the last week or so and I am finally out of my funk and ready to move on and enjoy my life. The only problem is I still have to work and finish school while I am trying to heal. I have a lot of reading to do so this weekend I really want to try to carve out some time to relax with Anthony but also read and be alone. I want to catch up in all aspects and feel ready to take on this masters degree. Luckily after May I get a break from classes to figure out what to do.

Anthony and I are currently working on several projects in our lives including finding a post marriage place to live, working on planning our wedding day, (no we aren't engaged yet) and trying to think of the future. We are certain that this is forever....if we can just get details down. I love that man so much and want to invest in our future everyday. I want to be proverbs 31 for him.

I just found out my student loan funds have arrived so that is a wonderful thing! That means I can get my gym membership, fix my car, and get going on plane tickets for Anthony to meet the fam! I am excited for all of that to occur. I am hoping that God brings forth all kinds of blessings from this and helps me get in shape for my wedding day, helps Anthony to see where I come from and understand more about me, and that my little cavie will make it a few more years to get me through graduate school.

Anyway, I should get dressed and ready for a night of being unprepared. I feel badly about not being caught up but hopefully God will get me through the night just fine.

Much love until then,


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