Friday, April 20, 2007

First day jitters, finals, and cleaning

Hello everyone and happy friday. Anthony got up bright and early this morning at 5:30 am and went to his new job. Today is orientation where he gets a good look at his job site, bosses, etc... He was really excited this morning and apparently had NO problems getting up which if you know Anthony is shocking! He seemed in really high spirits and is really happy to be making the money he is worth and doing something interesting.

I am in the midst of final preparation so I will be MIA for a few weeks. My last day of any type of school project is April 30th. I am stoked to be done with my first year of Graduate school and to have done very well. My grades are good and my learning was remarkable. A psych program teaches you things about yourself you sometimes don't want to know. Finals are looking promising as I feel like I have plenty of time to prepare and really understand the material. I'll write again when I've finished and see if that's true.

Apartment hunting has started and we have chosen a handful of places to go and see and rate according to what we think. We are going to have to be at their mercy to a certain extent too since we are on a limited budget and my credit isn't perfect. The places we have looked at in Laguna Niguel are actually cheaper than a lot of other locations in Orange County. We are excited about our first place together after the wedding! :)

As for the wedding, no engagement just yet but still thinking about May 2008 for the nuptials. We are looking at locations right now and thinking about our budget. I am also looking around for a summer part time job to take on to make money for the wedding. I know that I will be funding it 100% Alone (with me and Anthony that is) so we are going to have to sacrifice a bit and really stick to a budget.

Today, I have a date by myself and I plan to organize my room up too. I have grocery shopping to do but that only takes me an hour or so. Now, it's on to room organization, laundry, and paperwork. Later in the afternoon I am going to take myself out. I will write more about my date later. Last weeks date was a full manicure with Acrylics. I love having my nails done. Little things for me always make me have a better week and not feel alienated while I save 15% of my paychecks!

I hope you are all doing well and updates later!


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