Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A new job, apartment hunting, and planning our lives away!

Well I have some great news that actually came about a week ago. Anthony has been praying for a new job and really putting his trust in God while working a job that was pretty thankless and not as great of pay as he needed. He was really faithful to God by doing his best and praising God for what he God blessed him with a new job. Anthony was hired at AT&T for a premises technician job which triples his income at this point. It provides full benefits and multiple little discount benefits that we are going to enjoy. It's located in Laguna Niguel so we are both excited that we will be in this area. He has a sign up tomorrow morning for all of his tax paperwork and things and then his first day is Friday April 20th. We are really excited about this new gig and really praying that God moves through it. He has to go through a 3 week training process that is pass/fail so please keep him in your prayers for a good turnout!

In other news, our search begins for an apartment. I only have one year left on my contract with Christopher so I will be expected to move out once the position ends. Anthony and I are most likely going to be married at that point so we have decided to start looking at apartments in hopes of having some options when the time comes. We are looking in orange county since his work and my school are both here. I am also going to be researching jobs in this area as early as February of next year. I am really excited about the next steps in my life of marriage, family, new job, new home, new location, etc... God is really working in my life for good!

Please keep Anthony and myself in your prayers are we march forward in our lives. We are optimistic but also very nervous and anxious with new things coming! Thanks!


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