Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The book of myself starts here

So I picked up a book at Borders the other day called the book of myself. It has been pretty enlightening. I am learning about myself more and more and remembering things that I wasn't sure I even knew. I thought I would put a question a day on here so that I could record some of this on the blog and if you want to answer the questions so I can get to know you, that would be great. Here we go....

Question # 1:

This is how people described me as a child, and how I saw myself:

My mom often says that I never met a stranger and often entertained those around me. I was extremely outgoing and often got along well with adults and people my own age. I always had a large problem with constantly worrying. I was often referred to as "sensitive" and was said to wear my heart on my sleeve. I always had a large desire to be liked and I am and always have been a "people pleaser" I talked all of the time and often felt very self conscious.

I thought I would start to share these things with the blog and see if anyone wants to share with me. I love getting to know myself better and also know others better.

Hope you are all well!

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