Monday, February 09, 2009

Spread thin but trusting God

Over the past 3-5 years I have been spread thin on a consistent basis. This has been with working, going to grad school, etc... and this is my first year of truly learning to trust God in those times. Today marks 3 months exactly until my graduation day and I am so happy to know that one of my dreams is coming around the bend. I always dreamed of having an education and being able to be good at something. At least I'll finally have the education (joking)

I just took on a second practicum site as well and although I really like the people, the environment, and feel that I will learn so much it adds another dimension to being busy. For each practicum site, you have to have 1 hour of individual supervision or 2 hours of group supervision to every 5 hours that you spend with clients. Add this to 11 hours in class per week and several hours of reading and homework and you have my life in a nutshell. Often my sink has more than a few dishes in it, my mail and paperwork are often organized in stacks, and my DVR is full of tv shows that I would love to watch but just can't get "around to it." My husband and I use every spare minute to reconnect and have a meal together and it's hard to get through that.

Looking forward 3 months and knowing that this schedule is over and something new is beginning makes me feel quite a few emotions. One of them, happy! I am happy that I can focus on my family and my responsibilites at home and not think about the next paper being due or what reading assignment I am procrastinating away from. Another emotion that comes up is sad. I am sad that my life in school is over. I feel incredibly adult and yet feel like I am not ready for the "real world" while I have been living in it for a long time. The major emotional reaction I get is pure anxiety and fear. What comes next?? Who am I without school? What do I do when I am not overachieving in academics?

Anyway, that is what is on my mind today? What's on yours?

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