Saturday, March 13, 2010

one potato, two potato

**Disclaimer: As all of you probably know, there is not a racist bone in my body, however, if taken in an offensive manner this post could seem like a racist rant. It is NOT a racist rant but rather a rant about things that are not logical. I hope that you find comic relief in it and do not feel the least bit offended as it really is not about race whatsoever***

So I have a gripe to make. I am going to tell you a story about what happened to me and Anthony the other day when visiting a popular fast food restaurant in hopes of getting a quick lunch before heading to work. Here goes.

We walk into the restaurant which we will name "Cindy's" for the purposes of this blog. I really wanted to go there because they serve baked potatoes and that is my favorite way to eat a potato. I fully intended to purchase a value meal and trade out the fries for a baked potato and get it the way I wanted. I figure, I pay extra for all of these choices so it won't be hard to order this. Here is the run down of what happened.

Cashier (Spanish Speaking): Can I help you?

Erica looks at Anthony: Are you ready to order?

Anthony: Yeah, go ahead

Erica: Ok, I will have a #3 with a baked potato. I would like to have butter, sour cream, bacon, and cheese on that potato and could you please give me extra of all of that. (Extra toppings) I'll have a sprite with my meal as well.

Anthony: I will have a crispy chicken sandwich, fries, and a sprite also.

Cashier: Ok, $15.76

Erica gets into purse thinking of how crazy prices are when you order something special.

(Wait for order)

Cashier: Here (places two bags on the counter.

Anthony peers into first bag and Erica grabs second bag to check the order. (She has a feeling)

Erica: There are two baked potatoes in here?!

Cashier: Yes

Erica: There should only be one...and there seems to be only chives on one of them and only bacon and cheese on the other.

Cashier: Yes

Erica: No, I ordered one baked potato with butter, sour cream, bacon and cheese with extra toppings.

Cashier: Is in bag.

Erica looks in bag again to see two containers of butter and two of sour cream.

Erica: Ok, yes I see the butter and sour cream but there is no extra cheese and bacon and there are two potatoes and not one.

Cashier: Yes

Erica: There should only be one.

Cashier: Other one, in bag

Erica: I know but there should only be one and extra bacon and cheese.

Cashier: Yes

Erica is starting to get visibly irritated.

Erica: Here (takes baked potato out that only has chives on it) I do not need this one. Did you charge me for two.

Cashier: Yes.

Erica: Ok, well I only wanted ONE so I need my money back for this one.

Cashier: Yes

Erica: Thanks

Cashier returns potato and gives Erica back money that he owes her.

Erica: Ok, now I need extra bacon and cheese

Cashier: Yes (does not move)

Erica: OH FORGET IT (leaves restaurant feeling homicidal)

OK, now here is the thing. I don't mind people living in this country through means of immigration. I don't care who takes my order at "Cindy's." I don't care if people speak Spanish in their homes with their families but for goodness sakes...if you work for "Cindy's" know how to say the English words that are on YOUR MENU. I am so tired of having to be bilingual to order a burger. This is so illogical and quite tiring also. I appreciate all cultures but ordering burger and fries should not require me knowing Spanish when I live in America and our #1 language is English!

SIGH....anyone feel me out there?!!!


Terra said...

I completely agree with you (and I don't have a racist bone in my body either!) I feel the same way about non-spanish speaking employees who are not intelligent enough to know the proper way to do their job or who act like they're bothered by my visiting their place of employment. At one of our local "Cindy's" :) , every time you go through the drive-thru they hand you a soda cup with soda dripping off the bottom & all over the sides. How hard is it to take a little pride in your work? I would never think of handing someone a dripping soda me it's just common courtesy to wipe it off first.

I did sarcastically thank one gal working there for taking pride in her work(and in the process embarrassed Liv to death)! haha!

Sadly, I think we're surrounded by more than 1 generation who really doesn't give a crap about their work.

Anonymous said...

i laughed and laughed! it is that way when you call a company or tech help. sad thing is living where i do i would get the same response over potatoes and they arent from a different race. lol. i dont know how many time i have gone to "Cindy's" and i have to repeat the order and they still get it wrong. then look at me like i am the dumb one when i take it back and explain again that the order should of been this way. lol

emily drake

Anthony's afterthoughts said...

How funny is this post? I know the frustrations that were arising because I was in it. I totally agree that the lack of pride in what people do these days is utterly shameful. Then they have the gall to want to give you an attitude when all you want is common respect. Lord I pray for the lost ones.