Friday, March 26, 2010

Shots, Shots, Shots...and I don't mean Jello

Lately my whole life has revolved around shots. I have pretty much had enough of feeling ill all of the time so I have decided to be angry about having diabetes but to just do what I have to do. I saw my doctor the other day and basically we are trying to get my diabetic regimen down since we have been off for so long. We lost our health insurance with Anthony's job so now we are paying out of pocket. For a bit, it was $600/month for all of the meds and supplies that I require. Now, we have it brought down to about $300/month or so. This was with the help of the doctor changing things, the pharmacy giving me discounts, and just working with what I have.

All of that is the logistics of this but there is still the emotional component. I have NEVER been ok with having this illness. Being diagnosed at 16 was a hard thing for me and I just sat in denial for the longest time and then when I really realized that I did indeed have it, I decided I was too pissed to actually do anything about it. Just recently I have come to the conclusion that I am almost 30 years old and being a big baby and it doesn't matter if I want to take care of it, if I believe that I have it, or whatever...I will die if I am not medicated. Guess this growing up stuff is hard.

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