Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day #3: Sleep


When I think about sleep, I think about how it has changed for me over the years. I used to hate to sleep as a kid and would fight my mom to stay up later and later. As I got into high school, it's all I wanted to do. I am sure this was attributed to depression sometimes too but sleep was a hot commodity. In college, I didn't do a lot of it and it was necessary to lose some sleep to get things done. Now, as a wife, mommy, and adult woman, it is paramount to my mental health and well-being. I am sure it always was but I just recognize it now. 

I think that sleep is not only a crucial part of your body systems working properly but also a huge part of your spirit being healthy. It is hard to hear God's voice in your spirit if you are frazzled and tired. Weariness was never the intention of the Christian life. A verse that pops out me when I think about sleep is this one:

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. -- Matthew 11:28

The case is that Jesus was probably talking more metaphorically in rest meaning a break from feeling overwhelmed or worried, but I think this goes hand in hand with sleep. If you have ever experienced insomnia, than you know that you are not able to rest in Jesus when you are not sleeping. Sometimes being able to shut your eyes, lay down, and let things go is a huge leap of faith. Every night no matter what I have to do, no matter what chores are left laying around, no matter what is on my mind...I go to bed with my son and husband. I make sure that we rest as a family. It's important to renew us for our jobs the next day as Mommy, wife, Daddy, Husband, and little growing baby! 

This photo captured my ideas of Sleep today...perhaps the word should have been rest :) 

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