Friday, July 05, 2013

The day of silence

So I did it, I completed my first no media Thursday. Granted, it was the 4th of July so much of my evening was spent outside with friends BBQ'in and watching fireworks anyway but I know I would have been consulting my Iphone and being kind of rude, had I not been fasting it. I had some errands to complete yesterday so it was interesting to not have my Iphone to use my notes, calculator, etc.. and have to do things the old fashioned way. I had to write on pieces of paper to note what I wanted to blog about in the future, jot down phone #'s, and had to use an old school calculator for tallying my grocery budget. Interesting! These did not have spiritual implications per say but they sure did show me how dependent I am on my technology.

Through the day while I drive, I usually pop my Ipod into the car and listen to it on shuffle while I go to various stores and commute home. Since, to me, that seemed just like filling up the silence, I decided to leave the radio/Ipod off yesterday and use commute time to pray with Max. He was probably napping but I don't negate the effects of prayer on his life. I really felt like I was able to spend time with God and ended up singing praise to him instead and that felt even better than that shuffle option.

One challenge I have to note is that I did not spend as much time in my Bible as I had hoped. Okay, let's be honest.,..I didn't crack my Bible open yesterday. If I want to grow, I want to be honest. I read a book from the library and it was so good I ended up reading the entire book before bedtime. I wish I could feel that passionate about scripture. That is my prayer for next week's media fast...I want to dig into the scriptures and really get my heart excited about learning more about Jesus. I need to connect with those characters more than the characters in my fiction thriller. Anyone else have trouble with various types of media and their life with Jesus? If so, what have been your strategies for checking in with Jesus more than your Facebook?!


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